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Most Frequently Asked Questions
If I host a party, will I receive any free gifts?
Does it cost money to host a party?
Who should I invite?
Can I come up with a special theme for my party?
What do I do if I have out-of-town friends that would like to place an order?
Can men attend the party?
How long is the presentation?
How are the orders delivered?
Are the orders kept confidential?
If someone is unable to attend, how should they order?
What is your return Policy?
How can we pay for Products?
How many guests should I invite?

What others are saying:
What got me into this business was that I saw a party for myself and thought, "This is genius!" Many women won't set foot in an adult book store but they will go to a girlfriend's house and do a little sex toy shopping with confidential ordering.
— Michelle Foster