Meet 'N' Greet

Jody Worley

Director of Training
Jody brings a dynamic flair to her position. As a top seller with every direct sales company she's ever been with, there's no doubt she knows how to party. She will continuously work to implement new training programs, share her knowledge of the industry and help to ensure the success of each representative by providing the tools necessary to grow and develop their business.

Kim Krenkel

Director of Marketing
With over 15 years of sales experience, Kim brings extensive knowledge in sales, team building, management and training to Cloud 9 Parties. Combined with her creative talents in the fine arts, she is able to bring a fresh and exciting approach towards marketing for Cloud 9 Parties. She will use branding, public relations, social media, advertising, sales training, and other skills to develop a new and effective approach to sales and marketing placing Cloud 9 Parties on the cutting edge and above the rest.

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What others are saying:
I am so excited that I get to run my business my way and have fun doing it. I am thrilled and am looking forward to my future with this company. I have set some big goals and plan on reaching everyone of them.
— Bethany Gatten