Macy Vail was just like most 2 year old little girls you might meet. Her blue eyes twinkled with curiousity, her blonde hair was soft and often in a ponytail, she loved her family, her dog, and her dolls. People that met Macy were captivated with her innocent charm and her sweet demeanor.

Macy passed away suddenly - just before her third birthday . Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a beautiful child. Although stricken with grief, Macy's mother found comfort in the thought that her daughter's beautiful heart might live on. The decision was made that Macy would become an organ donor. That tearful decision made in the corner of a hospital waiting room affected the lives of so many others. Two small children and a husband and father were the recipients of Macy's organs. Their lives were saved and the course of their future was forever changed.

In the US, more than 113,000 patients are waiting for a transplant. 19 people die every single day. . . . waiting. Here at Cloud 9 Parties, we believe that number could be zero. We believe that every single person who needs a transplant should get one. If we can increase awareness, encourage more people to register to become an organ and tissue donor, and help raise funds for education and support - we can make a difference. We are very proud to support this endeavor with a percentage of the sale of every Hearts of Fire.

We encourage you to register to become an organ donor today!

Together, we can KNOCKOUT the wait!

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