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This Business Opportunity is for EVERYONE!

Experience is not required. Our free training program is easy to understand and follow, even if you have never been to a party. Your representative will work with you to make sure that you are meeting your goals on the fast track to success. We also offer our opportunity to those that have had previous party plan experience. Talk to our representative about starting your Cloud 9 Parties career with one of our Transfer Kit options or a direct-to-management level start-up opportunity. It doesn’t matter how you come into Cloud 9 Parties, you can make your dreams come true!
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Set Your OWN Hours!

Cloud 9 gives you freedom! When you set your own hours, you are giving yourself the perfect amount of time for all of the important things in your life. You can attend school activities, enjoy leisurely lunch dates with friends, make dinner plans with your partner, go to the spa and schedule all your other appointments…all without having to ask for time off. Being in control of your own schedule allows you to be in control of your life!

Your Promotion is in YOUR hands!

We left the door to earning wide open, just for you! Whether you are looking for a full time career to replace a current salary, a part time job to bring in extra cash or a means to earn money for an upcoming vacation or special event, you can earn as much as you need or desire. There is no waiting for your paycheck, when you walk out the door to a show you are getting paid, every time. You will not have to wait for an annual raise or promotion, you can increase your income anytime you choose.

Additional Perks:

Professional Marketing Materials!
Stand out with professionally designed and printed business supplies.

No Demotion...Ever!
When you reach an achievement rank in your Cloud 9 business, you will always be recognized and rewarded at that level. There are no demotions.

No Quotas or High Minimums!
There are no quotas or high minimum sales requirements to meet every month. In order to receive your team leadership override commissions, you only need to close two parties a month.

Prizes, Recognition, Awards, and Free Travel!
The opportunities are endless once you choose Cloud 9 Parties. You will be awarded and recognized for your achievements. You can earn prizes, cash and free products. There will also be chances for you to earn free travel.

Work On Your Own, Not Alone.
You will begin your new business working closely with your representative. Soon you will get to know your team members. Before you know it, you will have a company of new friends. You can network with your peers at local meetings, area training events and national conventions. Cloud 9 Parties representatives work with each other to build a strong and secure company foundation that you will be proud to be a part of.

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What others are saying:
I am in complete control over how much income I earn and I am able to work from home and stay with my handsome boys. I love what this business has done for my family! My dreams have become a reality!
— Kymberley Pierce