Meet 'N' Greet

Kim Krenkel

Director of Marketing
With over 17 years of sales experience, Kim brings extensive knowledge in sales, team building, management and training to Cloud 9 Parties. Combined with her creative talents in the fine arts, she is able to bring a fresh and exciting approach towards marketing for Cloud 9 Parties. She will use branding, public relations, social media, advertising, sales training, and other skills to develop a new and effective approach to sales and marketing placing Cloud 9 Parties on the cutting edge and above the rest.

Barb Asbrand

Director of Sales
Barb is a passionate, fun and hardworking positive force that instills motivation onto others and inspires them to be successful. With over 11 years of experience in the romance industry, she brings a vast knowledge in sales, team management and in-home party training. Using her analytical mind and sales skills through training, guidance and support, she will ensure successful business growth for each Cloud 9 Parties representative.

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What others are saying:
I am so excited that I get to run my business my way and have fun doing it. I am thrilled and am looking forward to my future with this company. I have set some big goals and plan on reaching everyone of them.
— Bethany Gatten